make WWAY your homepage  Become a fan on facebook  Follow us on twitter  Receive RSS Newsfeeds  MEMBERS: Register | Login translate the translate the punctuation....there should be no doubt, no question, no hesitation, as to whether the SBI needs to investigate what is going on within the Bladen County Sheriff's Dept. Why do I think it is about color? Unforunately, the deputy ( that stood in front of a local general store and approached every white person, of voting age,that pulled in the parking lot)told me and my young daughter, that 'they' had been hauling 'them' by the van load to the poll that day to make sure that everyone of 'them' that could be propped up to vote, got their vote counted for. He did not feel like he had to refrain from using racial slurs. So, I KNOW that it was, in large part for at least 1 Bladen County Deputy, a very racial issue...unfortunately.


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