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It isn't the cost of the tax, it is the method used to get it!

Nobody likes being hoodwinked, Nobody likes being lied to. THAT is what the commission did and THAT is what the protest is all about.

Don't you stand up for anything anymore or is it just easier and more convenient to be a mamby-pamby, pushover?

And to speak of wasting taxpayer dollars? What in the heck do you think Obama is doing by suing Arizona for trying to enforce existing immigration law (that the Feds have refused to do!). I paid over 25K in federal taxes last year to watch it being eaten up over frivolous lawsuits like this hits a HUGE nerve!

It's all about money, power and votes. It isn't about New Hanover County and it isn't about the Unites States of America as long as Obama is on his crash course!


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