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Does his

problem not go further back and farther afield?

Was the Top Trooper once assigned to maybe Harnett county? And was it not found he had an inappropriate relationship with a dispatcher? And as a result of that Dispatcher, was he not transferred? Could this have taken place in 1987 perhaps?

And when he was assigned to New Bern, did his Patron, named Perdue, then serving in the Legislature, not force his promotion over other more qualified and longer serving troopers?

Ah, what a tangled web we weave when legislators and their supporters seek to decieve.

But wait, is there more?

A Major retires after sending hundreds of inappropriate text messages on his state issued Blackberry to the wife of a subordinate. Are they seeking criminal charges against him for using state issued property in such a manner?

A Captain was terminated for driving under the influense up near Henderson.

And we have a case in Kinston in which a uniformed Trooper drives through a bank teller window to cash a check and "mistakenly" uses an enhanced photo, which legally qualified as child porn, to prove his identify and "manliness" to the teller who was about to cash a check for him. In Uniform and in his state vehicle. Stupid is as Stupid does.

By no means am I suggesting they need a Bible thumping Baptist Preacher to head the State Police. BUT, they need to make a change at the top. In fact, the Top Trooper and his Superior should both be replaced; that will send a clear message as to the integrity and etical behavior required of those who serve.

Governor, do the right thing; and do it this week-end.


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