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And now the latest

a female sergeant placed on paid leave while her activities are investigated. She reports to an office daily in civvies; does not wear a badge or pistol; but does craw her $64,000 salary while the investigation goes on.

Governor Purdue, its past due time for a clear message to be sent.

Clean out the baggabe at the top. Sorry if your boy Glover and his boss have to slip off into retirement; too bad about that.

But a shake up is needed and a clear message needs to be sent.

Send those 2 packing and the message might get through.

Let them keep their positions and you will have flawed leadership through intimidation.

It's not that hard Governor; tell them they have to go. Even former President Nixon reached a point where he had to send Halderman and Ehrlichman packing in an attempt to bring order back to government.

Do the right thing Governor and do it soon.


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