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The truth comes out

It's about time someone comes forward and lets us citizens know about the corruption and lies that are going on in the department. Thank you Gary for being brave enough to come forward, God bless you. Storms is just doing Benstons dirty work of getting rid of Eric and his top supporters, he probably doesn't care if he is in office for the remiander of the term. Storms,Benston and Dunn are no more than a bunch of yes men puppets for Bob Meeker. Meeker just wants to get control since Bunn retired that is the only reason he is backing Benston. He knows Benston is not the most qualified for the job, but Benston will do what ever Meeker wants. Benston has never been a patrol officier with the department. He has no experience at patrolling and enforcing the law or doing ivestigations, isn't this the main things you want a sheriff to be good at? If you voted for Benston I ask that you reconsider your vote in November, after seeing all that has gone on this week, because Benston is right there in the middle of it.


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