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You must be joking

Hello! Please remember these reporters know nothing about our town/county. They are relying on the word of the people who talk to them. If you went to school or grew up with some of these people then you know which ones have the morals of an alley cat, the common sense of a leming and a agenda. It would be wonderful if people went into law enforcement because they believe in right and wrong and have a desire to help people, some do but alot of them do it for "power", a job and a hidden agenda. Lets face it, they are not always the best and brightest or the most moral.
The commissioners who claim they did not know Mr. Storms supported Mr. Prentiss for sheriff, yeah right< there was a large sign in his yard for months. Everybody knew. So what, would any other interim not have a choice or vote for that position? If Mr. Storms is wrong he will admit it and fix it. He did what makes sense in the long term. Like the Bible says: "If you are not for me, you are aganst me." Maybe some should familarize themselves with it.


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