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Horray for Sgt Edwards

I have lived in Bladen County all my life. Elizabethtown is a small town and everyone grows up together, goes to school together, and always says hi whenever you meet them in town. I feel that since Earl Storms has taken over, we have lost that small town feeling and it has become a circus. I am so thankful that Sgt. Edwards told the truth about what is going on. I think that Mr. Storms is doing whatever he wants and he has stated in other reports that he hired Eric and Steve. I mean he comes in like a "real" sherriff whenever he is just "filling in" until the novemeber vote. I also think that Storms probably needs to be mentally tested for alzhiermer's because he keeps changing his story. I mean it is almost like "welcome to the wild west" when we are a small town and our crime rate is high. I mean we have just recovered from a student being shot at west bladen where my child goes to school. The parents were promised law protection for their children and now with HURRICANE STORMS brewing, who knows what is in store for our children as protection. Again thank you Sgt Edwards for telling the truth to the citizens of Bladen County. I support your decision for being an HONEST PERSON! MAYBE YOU SHOULD TEACH STORMS HOW TO BE HONEST AND DO THE RIGHT THING! IT LOOKS LIKE HE HAS FORGOTTEN HOW TO TELL THE TRUTH!


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