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Storms is just as crooked as

Storms is just as crooked as the others that manipulated the polls and voters with lies, malice and money to get ]enston elected. Any man, especially Storms, who can't give his word publicly and stand by it is man at all. Spineless ans easily manipualted by the lure of power and greed. Wonder how much Meecker is paying him? Wake up folks. Eric Bryan is a good, honorable man. Always has been. If he didn't get sheriff, you can bank on it that it was because money changed hands in the opposition. Look @ D. Blanks. What she did was immoral and illegal, yet she still sits firm on her comfy seat. Yeah...they need to clean house....starting with the real crooks...Benston, his supporters and those who have contributed to this mess and even now, lie about it "to cover their ass....' well said, Gary Edwards. Kudos to you. A man of integrity and principle...there are two few of you left. My heart goes out to you, to Mr. Bryan. The other officers and their families. God has said "vengance is mine" and I'm sure theirs is coming. Hang in there guys. We love you.


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