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I agree and disagree

I agree with most of what you said, but I believe God loves everyone, even these atheists. God however does not love how they choose to live their lives or what they believe. I totally believe what is happening to this country, from Obama on down the line is prophesy being fulfilled. Something has to put the USA in line with the European countries. Look at how our President wants to change our healthcare system and other things. We fought the British to win our freedom from government rule, and now we are going full speed ahead to be ruled by the government again. I know men penned the Bible, but what they wrote was inspired by God. Man would not have written the Bible if he could, and he couldn't have written it if he had wanted to. As for the atheists who condemn the Bible, anyone can read a verse here and one there and come up with interpret to state your case. That would be like reading a paragraph from a 1000 page novel and thinking you know the entire meaning of the whole book. There is also another reason you can't understand the Bible, you don't have the Holy Spirit living inside you helping you to understand the real meaning of the Bible.


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