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I was raised in the heartland of America...

...where the men are men and the Cowards run to hide. Please pardon my ignorance as you call it, but you can't seem to be able to interpret basic English. You say, "Patriotism has NOTHING to do with the belief in god/gods.", thereby confirming my original statement. Your key word being "belief". My statement identifies the fact that you are having difficulty with the basic "belief" of a creator and your rediculous concept that all that exists on this wonderfully complex earth "just happened". You haven't the testicular fortitude or the intelligence to "believe" in Patriotism because you don't even have a basis for your own simple existence. You stand for nothing and you have zero credibility. We fully recognize that and have pity on you.

Like I said, and read this closely! The Patriots are the men and women that fight for the freedoms we enjoy in this country, the very freedom that YOU get to write openly offensive and assinine comments, thereby parading YOUR ignorance to these readers. Show us more as confirmation.

Just one more thing Kilroy, I never once said anything about being a Christian. I doubt that I can meet the true meaning of that. I can only tell you that if you travel this world at all with open eyes and the ability to realize the overall concept of just how insignificant of a speck you are in the grand scheme of this solar system, within this universe, that exists with millions of others (that's what those little sparklie things in the sky are at night in case you haven't noticed!), then you had best crawl back into that hole devoid of light, belief and other external stimuli. Thats what the other one-celled organisms lacking a brain do, but even they have a place in this grand scheme.'s that for ignorance and humor combined? Still hilarious?


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