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As a former Deputy it came

As a former Deputy it came to my attention today from a Bladen County Deputy Sheriff, that was resworn Tuesday, that Sheriff Storms is removing all the radar equipment from the patrol cars, has told all the Deputies that they are not to use the computers and that he, Sheriff Storms, wants everything handwritten. He is putting all Deputies answering calls at risk of their lives by removing the computer equipment that the County bought and paid for along with the thousands of dollars that was spent to train the Deputies. To Me as a professional, I think this borders on Dementia and Mental Incompetence. The county Commissioners are resposible for the protection of ALL Deputies. Both inside and outside of the Sheriff's office. As a former Deputy, this man and these decisions scare the HELL out of me. I fear for all the Deputies and I feel that the Commissioners can surely show just cause from these decisions to request a Superior Court Judge to have Sheriff Storms removed. I feel that at any time he may ask the Deputies to turn in their Radios and just telephone each other from their cells. If this is not insanity and incompetence, then what is? Are we going to wait for a Fallen Officer to wake the commissioners up and remove this man from office NOW!!!!!!!!!!


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