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Bladen County Sheriff Issue

I attended the meeting the Commissioners called tonight; however, I was very disappointed. What a waste of money for our county. Absolutely nothing came of the meeting. The sheriff was not even man enough to show his face. This is not a race issue as some would like to make it out to be. Look at the officer's who were not rehired. They were of different races. The main problem is the lying. Sheriff Storms said he did not rehire these five because they did not fill out an application. (Lie #1) He also stated he did not know the officers when in fact he hired and worked previously with several of the officers let go. (Lie #2) How can our county trust someone who lies? This is insane. Not rehiring the officers is not the reason Storms is in the hot seat. It is the fact that he lied. If he did not want to hire them, he should have said hey I am not hiring you. Let's just tell the truth people. This is what is wrong with our society. ANother problem I have is not giving these individuals time to find a job. So you go to work and expect to still have a job and within twenty minutes you are unemployed with a family to feed. Come on people. Have a heart. I am also disappointed with our County Commissioners. We have Mrs. Blanks on the board who has to check the system and try to vote three times. Okay, people let's face it. If it were you or myself, we would find ourselves in deep trouble. I am very proud of the members who took a stand. Mr. Storms told the commissioners he was not going to fire anyone. The first thing he did was fire five. Come on. He lied to the commissioners and some of them are condoning this by not asking for his resignation. I guess this too will be taken care of the next time these certain individuals go up for reelection. Citizens of Bladen County need to take a stand. Do we really want liars to be in charge? I am disappointed in the way things have been handled. I sure hope Mr. Benston has nothing to do with this because he will lose a lot of support. I believe Mr. Benston will make a fine sheriff for Bladen County.


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