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BRAVO...GOOD JOB FELLOWS. I'm proud of you. Stay on them big time, we've got to get the drugs and illegals off the street, both are dangerous. I hope that Wilmington will push the issue of Illegals...just as every city and county in our state should do.

But beware, the Mexican's are not the only illegals in our state and country. There are millions of Middle Easterner's right here in our state illegally. They come here, commit their crimes, open their own business, because they can't work, don't have the paper work, and live among us everyday with no one doing anything to remove them.

Almost every restaurant, cigar, cigarette, subway, convenience store, etc. is owned and run by illegals. They form a corporation, never filing the annual reports, obtain a privilege license, never file with the tax office, and don't register the DBA they use for their business...cheating us out of tax money, and revenue in every direction...No one ever ask any questions, never. They know how to work our system. We need to wake up, look around us, and beware of where we shop and spend our hard earned money, because a lot of their income is sent home to terrorist organizations that mean us harm.


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