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citizens and taxpayers

I feel that WWAY has been bias when it comes to reporting this issue. Now I feel even more disappointed in the reporting after tonights broadcast. I have been reading and watching this as it has played out. I do not agree with WWAY taking it upon themselves as "tax payers and citizens" to ask the office of special counsel to investigate the issues regarding the Hatch Act. A Reporter is to report news not stir up controversy. Unless you are a resident of Bladen County there was no reason for your station or it's reporters to get involved with an investigation involving Bladen County Sheriff's Office. If your reporters live in Bladen County fine. But this is of no concern to non-citizens. Let Bladen Citizens handle there own request for investigation. You keep reporting on the officers not sworn in this week. It is the Sheriff's perogative who he keeps. The employees work at the will of the Sheriff. No reason is needed if he/she does not require your services anymore. Could there have been an insubordination problem? Could these 5 officers have been the "thorn in the side" of the moral of the department? Did they not clean out there desks when Benston won the runoff and say they were not working for Benston? Could this have been perceived as a resignation warranting an application? There were officers sworn in that day that campaigned for Bryan. So why are you not reporting this? I wonder why there was no investigation into the list that the Bryan campaign had that listed the officers that they were to be let go if Bryan had won. I heard this out of Bryan's own mouth. "I can't wait until "hatchet day". So where is the reporting of other side. This reporting has been one sided and it is stirring up alot of unnecessary hatred from citizens that do not know what has been going on behind the scenes. I just hope that your reporting does not sway voters to vote for Mr Ward just to keep Prentice Benston out of office. The right thing to do would be not to vote at all. Voting someone into office that has the history that Mr Ward has would be a big mistake. Morally and ethically. No amount of religion can undo the breakup of marriages or relationships (yes plural) he has caused.
As for statements in your other blogs that read to the affect of "drug dealers will be running the Sheriff's Office, I say this. The officers let go were in the drug investigation unit and if they had done their job then there would be no drug dealers, now would there?
I would also like to know if Bryan had won, and Billy Ray Pait's nephew had not been let go, would he have stood up for the one's that Bryan refused to swear back in? I hope and pray this EMBARRASMENT ends soon!


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