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Citizens and taxpayers

In response to these thoughts:

This is the second time that I have read that if you are a voter and you may be thinking about voting for someone other than Benston, then the "right thing" to do would be not to vote.

I did not respond the first time that I read this in an article written by someone by the name of Bob Meeker. However, this time I feel as though I have to.

When has it ever been the "right thing" to not vote. This is such a lame an uneducated tactic to use on the voters. What they are really saying is, if we can't persuade you as a voter to vote for who we like; just don't vote because when it comes down to it there is only one opinion and one vote that counts and it's ours.

This is a wake up call, voting is not a collective ownership held by a select few in this county or this country. It is the ownership of the individual that exercises his or her right.

When has it ever been the "right thing" for someone to wish for "hatchet day", what ever this means, it doesn't sound good anyway.

When has it ever been the "right thing" to do to defame someone's character and use the word religion in the same breath?

It appears that the article written was by someone that has a tremendous amount of hatred. This is a loaded gun waiting to be fired. I can only hope that this person is not employed in our sheriff's office acting in the capacity of a deputy, for the sake of the citizens of Bladen County. It does appear that this may be the case though.


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