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The sheriff does have the right to change deputies, however this interium sheriff way of handling it, did it without any respect and dignity to the men/women in the department and has told L-I-E lie after lie which is documented by numerous reporters as well as on camera. This shows poor leadership skills and lack of integrity to the Sheriffs dept. This man didnt wait until he was 75 to start coniving and telling lies, this is a lack of moral character he has brought to the office from years of politics. This lack of integrity is not the leadership we need in any law enforcement department as it instills lack of suppoert from the public. The was an interium sheriff in place as the county coroner's duties include, until a proper sheriff can be put in place. The county coroner stated he didnt want it (although he ran for the coroners job in which this is in his duties should it arise) and the commisioners in haste put this disrespectful liar in office. Now the 2 commisioners who nominated him still stand behind their decision of this man after his lies being well documented show their lack of morals as well. It does show that regardless of education "Stupid is as Stupid does". The commisioners and attorney needs to correct this problem as I doubt this guy has the understanding of his poor judgement or the morals to step down.


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