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First off, get off the fact

First off, get off the fact that Chairman Pait's nephew was one of teh officers fired. Blanks is the MOTHER-IN-LAW of Benston and she tried to VOTE 3 times. For crying out loud, if that would have been me or you we would have been charged for the crime that it is.. Seems that if anyone in the Benston campaign does anything no matter what it is it's OK, but god forbid if you were in the Bryan campaign, everything you do is either wrong, racist, or illegal. So just drop the family relation, it's ridiculas and don't think for a minute the people don't know why Blanks did what she did, and if memory serves me correct she to LIED to the media about her actions.

Also, I to know officers from both sides that work within the department, and for anyone to say that they are healing and moving on you apparently don't know them very well. Those guys are hurting and you can see it in their faces. Yeah I know some are happy as a fly on a pile of CRAP, becasue that's excatally what it is. But the majority of those officers are very upset and hurt by what has happen.

If Storms had adequate reasons to fire these offices, why doesn't he have the backbone to tell them the reasons. He keeps telling lie after lie to the media and others as to why he did what he did, but not one of those officers have been contacted by him and told anything. He didn't even have the backbone to do it himself, he lets Herman Dunn a NON-resident of Bladen County do it. If he is such a strong sheriff where is the strength to stand up to the officers himself and just tell them. He is obviously a COWARD, who not only doesn't know how to tell the truth but doesn't know how to show morals and ethics. I don't want that as a sheriff.

Finally, Storms is NOT the elected sheriff and therefore should not have the right to do what he did. In November if Benston won and decided to clean house then that would be completely different. But that is not what happened and it should NOT have happen the way it did.


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