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It's ignorant people such as this one who keeps the problems going in this county, just like Billy Ray Pait calling a meeting for his nephew and the 4 deputies who were not fired but rather, were not sworn in under a new administration. That's right; New administration, because when each new sheriff who takes office (even interum) it's a new administration. These 5 who we will now call "the Bladen 5" are comprised of 1 who filed for retirement but still wants to stir the pot, 1 who is a sore loser and does not even know the political protocol to support his parties nominee and 3 who chose to alienate fellow employees before and after the election. When a man is asked to cut the fat or straighten the problem out that is what a man like Storms does. Even if this move improves productivity and moral it may not sit well with sore losers who would rather keep controversy going rather than the more efficient way that the sheriff's office is running right now. I believe that the media has distorted things enough and does not need the help of angry friends of these deputies who don't know the law anyway. Let me close by saying 3 things to this writer.
1. Learn how to spell
2. Go to the NC general assembly website when you want to know law.
3. Blanks is the EX mother in law of Benston.
It helps when facts are reported rather than heresay.


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