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Immigration law supported...GREAT!!!

It's about time NHC made a decent decision. Now, let's gather all of the counties and make it a state law here as well.

I know whats coming on this forum, "racial profiling", "...they're only trying to make a better life..." comments. So before you get started, read this:

The enforcement of illegal immigrants flooding this country has nothing to do with race, it has everything to do with ruining our economy, our language, our healthcare system, our social security system and taking away from the American tax base. I have to pay my way to live as a resident in this country. I pay local taxes, state taxes, federal taxes, social security and medicare. I paid $25,000.00 in taxes last year. That would've bought me a new car. Then I paid my insurance premiums and my co-pays and my dentist bill and my eye exam and glasses. The bottom line is, to live in this country, you have to pay your OWN way as most Americans do. If the influx of illegal citizens continues at this rate and uses the "free" services, this country will be bankrupt in no time. We are already on the brink. The illegals cannot continue to, "...make a better life for themselves..." at the cost of the American taxpaying citizen. That is counterproductive and that incites anger.

I welcome ANYONE to this country. Just do it legally, pay your way, pay your taxes and for God's sake...LEARN ENGLISH, that's what we speak here!!!

It just doesn't get much simpler than that!!!


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