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I believe you have the emphasis on the wrong syll-ah-bel...

This law says nothing about pulling anyone over and raking them through the coals because they are hispanic. The law does allow a 2nd tier investigation in the event of someone being caught in the commission of a crime. If you do something wrong and the police get involved, they have the right to confirm your identity and your immigration status if suspicious. If you are a legal citizen, there is no problem, if you're not, action is taken. This is very simple and basic. This can be for anyone. Mexican, Chinese, Russian, Chilean, Islander, Japanese, African, Middle Easterner, whomever...

This isn't about, "Let's find a hispanic and pull him over...." It is simply a manner of taking control of the existing laws of our country and an effort to get our economy back in check. We simply can't afford to feed, medicate, birth babies and provide social security for those massive numbers that that don't contribute to the tax base or pay for health insurance coverage. Our hospital emergency rooms are totally overrun 24 hours a day. Free clinics suffer from lack of supplies being a hard working, tax paying, self-sustaining American citizen of hispanic decent, I'm sure you understand and sympathize with this concept.

It just isn't about race. It's about cheating our system and America putting a stop to it. It is no different than what any other country already does, (where people WANT to live, that is...).


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