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They will go back home

They will go back home if there is no work here in the USA for them to do. Our problem is the Americans that are hiring them. Our law makers should make and enforce a law where if any business or individual is caught hiring an illegal person, they will be fined an ungodly amount of money on the first offense. The second offense should be the loss of their business license and jail time. Have any of you ever researched the laws Mexico has on anyone moving there? Does Mexico enforce their laws? What the heck is wrong with the USA that it won't enforce the laws they already have on the books? The answer is democrats. They know that because of the terrible job they are doing during this administration they are going to need a new crop of voters to keep them in power. Just watch and see, the illegals will have the right to vote by the next election, if not 2010, by 2012 for sure. I think they should pack up the democrats and the illegal mexicans and send all of them south of the border. If the illegals want to be a citizen of the US, then they should go about it the legal way like so many others have already done. I will not support any business in this country that hires illegals and you shouldn't either.


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