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"dont recieve a refund" you either A) are VERY uniformed on US taxes or B) HAVE NEVER FILED....THE MAJORITY of Americans get a "refund" on taxes when they the form of YES, YOU DO get a refund just like the majority of us!

Second...NOBODY is going to harass YOU about YOUR citizenship status. I don't think it's fair that I get pulled over at midnight for a DUI check when I don't drink...but guess what...I get pulled over and have to submit my drivers license and registration....

The bottom line is this...this ISN'T A color thing...if you say it is..YOUR the racists and obviously only YOU see color....EVERY FLIPPING ILLEGAL needs to be rounded up and tossed back across the border they crossed to get here...if they come back whats necessary to protect our borders...if they boycott...USE THAT to target them and round them up!...I'm SICK of the freeloaders...most Americans feel the same way at this point! If you don't like our Constitution and borders....LEAVE!


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