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"DWB" is not imaginary. My

"DWB" is not imaginary. My husband has been pulled over for DWB on multiple occasions, not only in NHC but in surrounding counties, also. I guess that based on the way he LOOKS (long dredlocks, baseball cap), he's not the type of person that would save his legally hard earned money to buy the type of vehicle he drives, and there MUST be SOMETHING illegal in/about that car....but this is just something we have learned to live with. IT HAPPENS. And as long as there are officers that prejudge, it will continue to happen. I'm personally still on the fence as far as this law is concerned...but you can't deny that it sounds a little like slavery. "where's yo walkin papers, boy?!"
....some people give a stray, rabid dog better treatment than an illegal hispanic... #rant complete. :0)


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