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It is unfortunate that the incentives didn't pass as first proposed. Keeping the cap will prevent larger projects from filming here. The problem with that is larger productions... bigger bucks for the local economy. The purpose of HB 1973 was to keep NC competitive, and it seems we have not accomplished what the bill was named for. If we can not compete with GA or LA then we will continue to play second fiddle. The progress made is just that... progress. It doesn't actually accomplish any goal of making NC a front runner for a preferred filming destination.

As I openly support having a film industry in NC, and endorse it's need for incentives. I can't help but feel the individuals involved with handling the task of structuring the incentives have failed miserably. It should not take Gov. Perdue, and twenty of her closest friends flying to LA to find out we are not competitive. What should have happened is this...

1.) State, and Local film commissioners fly to LA (Last YR) with the 15% tax incentive.

2.) State, and Local film commissioners meet with studio executives and discuss the 15% tax incentives that were in place last year, and further discuss what would make us competitive.

3.) State, and Local film commissioners fly back to NC with the knowledge of where we are in competitiveness, and where studio executives say we need to be.

4.) State, and Local film commissioners along with the NC film council pitch the upgrades to he House Representatives that will draft the bill (With all needed upgrades to make NC competitive)

5.) Have the bill go through the legislative process.

If the key people involved would have done a thorough job we would not be in the situation we find ourselves in now. The more exposure this issue gets in the state legislature the more it looks like the film industry is trying to take more... To get it right the first time would have prevented a lot of talk, flights to LA, time, and effort. I am not a fan of re-work, I was raised to get it right the first time. I suggest the leadership of the state film industry take my advice on this matter for next time. FILM IN NC!!!


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