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First and foremost, I would like to say I am a life long resident of Bladen County. The mockery you guys have made our county is ridiculous! Sherriff Storms has not done anything that any other sheriff in the state hasn’t done before. The county commissioners brought him in to promote peace in the department, and he did just that! The news media is what has caused the chaos! Of course, anytime someone is fired, friends and families are upset, but is that any reason to drag our county into the mud? I feel safe every night. I know many of the deputies, detectives, support staff, and dispatchers very well, and I know they are doing the best for our county. Maybe if they weren’t spending time doing interviews and defending themselves, they could do their JOB!
Secondly, look up the definition of a sheriff’s deputy job. From my research they are to: investigate complaints, emergency response, patrol and police neighborhoods, resolve disputes, arrest suspects, criminal investigations, and execute warrants. Did you see “pull over” any where in there? Yes, I am sure that if they see someone traveling at an irate speed they would pull them or immediately contact the highway patrol to intervene. However, I have NEVER received a speeding ticket from a deputy, and I have had a few. If they want to be a traffic enforcer they should have went to the state highway patrol.
In addition, from the people I have spoken with inside the department Prentis is NOT running the show, because all of the new rules are from the Sheriff directly. This comes down to good ole boy politics. All you guys have done is make Bladen County unsafe now, by publishing these biased and outlandish reports. Thank you WWAY for making Bladen County a playground for the idiots!


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