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How come none of this

How come none of this surprises me I want to know what the residents of the county are doing to push this big nasty issue on to the state level. Apparently the whole system in Bladen County is corrupt and dirty and fresh blood needs to be brought in to investigate these issues! Funny Blanks who is Benstons ex mother in law or mother in law can't remember which was bust for trying to vote twice oh but wait she was just trying to check to make sure the polls worked properly yeah whatever Ms.Blanks the entire county isn't ignorant I hope there is a high enough percentage that isn't that stupid and they vote your lying corrupt self out of office along with whoever supports your aggenda. Benston I thought was okay until now and well not I don't think he is what Bladen County needs as well! Earl Storms supported Benston and now all of a sudden the one who ran against Benston and his in house supporters are fired? Yeah political agenda deffantly at play here in good old Bladen County! Now the rest of the force is told not to stop people not to use the K9's heck yeah Storms handed over the county to the criminal element I bet they are all having a blast right now! And he hasn't been seen since Wednesday's meeting umm doesn't he have to show up for work? This mess is one hot mess someone needs to take care of and I hope that hatch act is being violated by Benston's new posistion nothing would make me happier at the moment because I'm sure some of Bladen County members will only vote for him because of the color of his skin which is just wrong! I hope the voters wake up, educate theirselves on their choices and make the best decision they can make for Bladen County because right now it's going to hell in a handbasket!


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