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Criminal Paradise - Way to go Storms!

This has got to be the absolute WORST for Bladen County! Not only is the sheriff's race racially charged, now you have a Mother-in-law councilmember, or excuse me, "Dr Mother-in-law", a politically inept Sheriff, and a "Chief Deputy" who's allowing this destruction of the county! Not to mention disparaging remarks about the State Police? Are you serious??? You might not like them, but keep your pie hole shut and act professional at least! You represent (whether we want it or not) our county!

How much did it cost to install the equipment that was taken out of the vehicles? How much will it cost us taxpayers to re-install it? Because that's whats going to happen when everyone realizes how unsafe we are now and raises a stink over it. Thanks Storm, thanks Bentson, you've both really done wonders for our county, and this change only took a week! Wow, our Pres has taken so much longer to try to do what you've done so fast! Thank goodness there are people that will stand up to whats going on up there, too bad we're falling apart so fast down here.


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