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Hot shots

That's exactly what WWAY does. Dig up garbage! I visited the Sheriff's office yesterday and Storms was where he normally is, in his office! Benston was at the front desk for operations and Dunn was conducting a victim interview. It is exactly this type of irresponsible Jerry Springer type reporting that keeps the turmoil going on in Bladen County. I will give Gary Edwards some credit, At least he had the guts to identify himself and guess what. Contrary to popular thought, he still has a job. These young hot shots are just upset because they could not make the cut for highway patrol and now there little traffic stop power trip has been taken away. If these reporters did proper research they would find out that the Sheriff's office primary responsibility is to serve civil papers, operate the jail and answer emergency calls, all task that can be done quicker and more efficiently now that they won't be running tags and sitting in traffic court. I think that the worst that citizens will see is a quicker response to emergency calls. Finally; these allegations that relationships with other departments have been jeapordized. Come on people! The Sheriff has only been in control for a little over a week, hardly enough time to reasonably gauge any type of relationship strain and if reporter would quit circling like vultures he could really get to work. Storms is a retired 4 term Sheriff with an untarnished record and I can assure citizens that no one control's Storms.


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