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Please clarify

"the optimum time to stop suspicious vehicles because it bears fruit"

Are you saying you've profiled "suspicious" vehicles that haven't actually broken a law yet because it may "bear fruit". It sounds to me like you profile people, then run up behind them in such a manner as to make them nervous so they may weave a little as a reason to stop them. Your " more often than not" may be violating the rights of the "not" so you can get some "fruit".

I say this because I've been stopped for a pin light out on my vehicle. They then wanted to search my vehicle because I had long hair I.M.O. I don't drink or do drugs and didn't let them search the vehicle. After seeing I wasn't scared or intimidated, was let go with no warning ticket. The burnt out pin light was just a reason to stop me and not a public safety issue.


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