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I'm more than happy to

I'm more than happy to clarify it for you. Then after I do, I'll ask you to explain what you mean by "profiling".
The key word is "suspicious" vehicle - not just any vehicle. Probable cause is not required to stop a vehicle, an officer only needs reasonable suspicion. It is illegal to speed, fail to observe traffic control signs & devices, or to drive with improperly working equipment such as headlights or tail lights burned out (anyone with common sense knows how dangerous this is at night), even a license plate lamp so our plates can be visible at night. Such vehicles are stopped, and if there are no additional offenses discovered during the course of the stop, the officer has the discretion to write the operator a citation, or issue a warning ticket or a verbal warning. Very often, in stopping such vehicles we find the driver to be impaired, or in posession of drugs, or is driving with a suspended or revoked license, or has a warrant, or is driving with fictitious tags or no insurance. We get them off the streets to protect you; why would you object to this? And what officer ever said to you "I pulled you over because you have long hair."? When I make a decision to stoop a vehicle at night for a light out, I can't even see the driver from my car, and it's from behind the wheel of my patrol car that I make the decision to stop the vehicle, and that is based soley on the offense or infraction, not on the demographics of the drivers I can hardly see.


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