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I gotta say, Im split!

Ok, I’m not from Bladen County, I only came across this website because I am looking for Police work, but Haven’t decided on where in the state I want to live and work. I’m from Cumberland County, so I’m no carpet bagger….anyway back to the issues you guys/gals have raised.

Taking away or telling Sheriffs Deputies not to conduct traffic stops, sounds logical in theory. And I can see where my Liberal mind would say, your right, traffic violations are really not in your area of interests, even though you do possess the power to do so leave it to the State Highway Patrol.

However, it also makes total sense to pull over a speeder, or a tail light infraction, so on and so forth, at prime hours like say, Midnight to 0400, because chances are, the driver is impaired or transporting drugs, ….probably more impaired drivers than anything.

Now for the fellow that said he was pulled over and was sober and doing nothing wrong, you said you were let go. So, since you were not breaking the law, he let you go!

I don’t think I would complain about this if it happened to me, hell it has happened on many occasions, but even I know why he is doing what he is doing. Not many Sheriffs Deputy’s will pull you over for a minor infraction like a tail light or speeding 5 MPH over the limit in the middle of the day, but at 0200 in the morning it’s a good time to do “police work” even though it may not be your sole purpose as a Sheriffs Deputy your still “Police”!

So I’m kind of split on it, I’ll have to give it more thought, but I must say, it has made me reexamine a thought process that was previously set in stone.

Sounds like a lot of drama in the sheriff’s office there in Bladen, maybe I should go there, sounds interesting! So, watch out! I may be pulling you over in the future!

Any Police in Bladen County that might want to give me some guidance and advice about” Policing in Bladen”, Id much appreciate it.


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