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Mr Fireguy, you refer to

Mr Fireguy, you refer to these guys as Hot Shots, well you obviously don't know any of them or have never worked with them at all. I am sure you know a few and I could probably guess which ones so to your statement.

There isn't one of the so called Hot Shots that would charge a 16 year old child for being sexualy assaulted by not only a family member but someone a lot older just because they can hid behind the letter of the law to do so. Then turn around and have this CHILD arrested while at school.

These guys have enough common sense to know that is not how a sex crimes case is handled.

Obviously there is a investigator that is still empoloyeed there that does not have this common sense. That investigator was a major Benston supporter which is the reason her "record" didn't need to be looked at by Earl Storms.

So I will take any of these "Hot Shot" road guys over someone like her any day.

I commend the deputies who spoke out for what they did, it took a lot of courage, and I understand why you can not reveal your identity. My prayers go out to you. And thank you for saying something.


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