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First let me say, typing in

First let me say, typing in all capitals is the equivalent to screaming on the internet. "lower your voice' and post like a reasonable person.

Let me also say that this is all the truth, I actually have letters from the attorney general stopping the Feds from leveraging me to help them with a 'double jeorpardy charge' using the same drug conviction I had served time over. As far as helping the cops, at the time I was young and still full of anger and would not do ANYTHING to help the Feds......they investigated me for international they should be able to investigate their own.....right on down the line to the County Cops.

And to accuse me of having an addiction....please. I straightened my life out years and years ago. I retired from one of the biggest chemical plants in the area (they won't let you work there with drugs in your system and they do random testing). I am also very active in my Church. As far as preying, don't do it but, I will pray for you. Have a blessed day and may the Lord help you control your anger and direct it in a positive manner.


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