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Beach Club revokes membership

First off, the "ownership" of the Club? The members own the Club so there won't be a change of ownership.

Second, I am another of R children and I am one that has been trying to tell our story to the media. Why? Because I am tired of the selfishness of R. I am tired of being a victim of R's selfishness I guess is a better way of putting it however the media isn't interested in hearing this story. They have taken a great deal of pleasure is trying to make the Hanover Seaside Club look like a big mean bully when in fact it's R and Michael Silverman that are the bullys. There has been no regard for the feelings of long time friends, associates or most importantly, family. Sons, daughters, sisters, grandchildren, people that R is suppose to love. Somewhere, he has forgotten that he is a parent, a brother, an uncle, a son and instead has gone charging head long into this after family asked and begged him not to take it into the public arena. He blatently ignored the pleas.

Angry, humiliated, embarrased. Those words begin to scratch the surface of emotion that my family feels. Betrayal in another. There are a few that don't feel as strongly granted. There are a couple that after these actions have been swayed to these emotions.

When R see the children that were still speaking to him and when he is/was allowed around his grandchildren, it was as his male self, not as Rachael. The Seaside Club, according to one of my siblings, offered him his membership back if he came down as his male self, keeping in mind that his transition has not been complete.

The Seaside Club is no more a place of closed minded people than Independence Mall is. Then your own office is. Look around you. Hell, look in the mirror and be honest with yourself.

While this did begin as a private matter, it has not stayed a private matter and I don't think unfortunately they are going to let it fade into oblivion but I just hope that those of you that are sitting there stamping your feet against the "injustice of it all" stop and think about this, this is a many faceted thing and you don't know all the sides to it. R is only one and it's the one that his attorney wants you to know.


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