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There is an answer

I believe the ones that speak out the loudest against homosexuals, if the truth be known, have homosexual tendencies, hidden curiosities, or have secretly been in some kind of homosexual relationship and feel a need to hide it by speaking out so loudly against such things. When a woman uses a public bathroom, how do you know whether the woman next to you is straight or not? How do you know what she is thinking about you? The same goes for men, how do you know if the guy standing beside you at the urinal is straight or not? How do you know what he is thinking about you? Did this man have a sex change, or is he just cross dressing? Does he feel he is a woman on the inside that is trapped in a man's body? How are we suppose to know these things? You cannot look at every gay or lesbian and tell immediately what their sexual orientation is, just as you cannot look at any straight person and tell if they are really straight or not. Sure, with some it is obvious, but not with all. If Rachel is only dressing like a woman, then "HE" needs to use the men's bathroom, but if Rachel has had a sex change operation, then "SHE" needs to use the women's bathroom.


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