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What are these "Dark Ages" people are referring to?

Surely you aren't suggesting that we still uphold standards common in the Middle Ages?

It's a nice cliche term to use, and it makes you sound "new-age" but it is an empty phrase.

You are upset that someone doesn't agree with you, to allow everyone to live together happily ever after so you use this neat little phrase.

The problem is, 99.9% of the population doesn't participate in this lifestyle. Why force them to change their habits for a select (confused) few? There are a couple people who are so confused in life that they must change who they are to be who they aren't. And now they demand acceptance. If this were truly the Dark Ages, they wouldn't be a problem for long. So you ask people to "Get out of the Dark Ages..."

No, you aren't allowed to use phrases like that because they have no meaning. Come up with a valid arguement. Then come up with some meaningful catch phrase of your own.

Life isn't a bunch of fairies dancing around in the forest wearing women's clothes and peeing in the wrong restroom. Not everything is going to be perfect for the people who live a perverse lifestyle.

People aren't going to like you. Throwing a tantrum about it won't help. If you are so different and you've accepted it, then LEAVE EVERYONE ELSE ALONE.

It's obvious they can't handle who they "really are."


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