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Who said this person is homosexual? Not all trans-gender people are homosexual. Some are not sexual at all.

Has this person had a sex change operation or just dressing like a female? Assuming not or we would be discussing trans-sexuality.

I am very open minded, have had a lot of gay/lesbian gender bending friends and would treat him with the utmost respect but he will always be a man to the majority of people that knew him before the change.

With this drastic change he made comes a lot of other changes, losing membership in this club is one. This man cant really expect everyone to welcome him with open arms, get real ! I wouldn't expect it and he shouldn't push it on others. New gender, new life.

Either way, I would not want to be somewhere that people felt uncomfortable with me. Thats just me.

I hope he manages to find what he needs inside himself. Best of luck to you.


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