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Moral Decline

This is proof positive, take notice when you hear these liberal talking points being spewed that our society is truly in a moral decline. You brain-dead liberals need to stop projecting your lack of values on those of us who struggle to maintain a sense of decency and integrity, while you denegrate us as archaic and steadfastly promote your ideas as "progressive" and "forward thinking". The liberal media has brainwashed you people into thinking that ideas of conservatism and traditional thinking are dirty ugly words. It's true that time tends to ebb and flow allowing viewpoints and ideals to change to reflect the status quo, just take heed that you don't rush headlong back into the times of Soddom and Gammora. Your ideas that there is nothing wrong with these things will come back to haunt you or your offspring, as evidence directly submitted in some of the other posts. I'm not saying people with high moral values do no wrong, but let's call these things like they are; wrong, and ultimately a detrement to productive society. If you want to be different for whatever reason, so be it, it is your life to reap or suffer the repercusions. Since when though do we have to be forced to accept it or even deal with it in our own private setting(s)? Just lately (really) because of all the extra attention it is getting, I am getting so sick of all the whining for equality, in the real world there is none. When God makes us all androgenous, same color, same size, same intelligence and exactly the same in every way, then you can create your perfect Utopian society. Until then we will handle things as nature and God intended. And while I'm on a rant, for that matter, all you people getting subsidies and kick-backs, and ammendments, and grants do so because you are weak and incapable of surviving on your own in normal society. We are taking care of you, because you aren't able, what gives you the right to condemn our way when it is us and our relentless efforts for survival and productivity who provide for you? I say accept our traditional values and way of life or go start your own "club" somewhere else, until then we consider you all to be encroaching on our otherwise viable and proven model.


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