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Disregarding the narrowminded definitions of sex and gender...

... which are not supported by the modern medical establishment (no matter how many times you cry, "but SCIENCE SAYS SO!"...)

I'll pose a hypothetical, because there's another side of the issue that apparently isn't being considered: trans men. Rather, female-bodied people who identify as male and transition to living as a male, oftentimes undergoing masculinizing HRT and transitioning to living as men. If you've never met a trans man... well, you're likely mistaken. Look up some photos if you like - these boys are quite butch. (In fact, I know many who take great pride in their prodigious facial hair - wouldn't you if you had to wait your whole life to get it?)

So! Ladies who are so incredibly offended that someone wants a safe space to take a piss: would you prefer that we strictly regulate based on genitals? Because two things need to happen then - firstly, there's gonna be a surprisingly large number of dudely-looking dudes with vulvas queuing up with you for the loo. And just to make sure everyone's where they're supposed to be, there's gonna have to be a monitor at the door - walk up, drop trou, and once examined you can relieve yourself.

... Of course, that wouldn't happen, because we don't ACTUALLY gender people based on what's between their legs. We base it on what we -think- they are... and we're not always right.


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