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club membership revoked

How truly neanderthal and lost in the past this club's leadership is! They need to grow up, wise up and get with the program! This is the 21st century, not 1947 for gawd's sake. EVERYone at that club should not just accept this woman as any other woman but should RESPECT her and quite frankly, if they were in any touch with reality, ADMIRE her! A club with leadership like this should be sanctioned or fined for even considering such blatant discrimination! What a bunch of ignorant, antique elitist jerkwads! Assuming that its true that cis-women would be uncomfortable with a transwoman in the women's room, who ARE these ignorant, stupid, uneducated cis-women!? What do they have to even think they have grounds to worry about or be uncomfortable about? What a bunch of ancient minded, phobic, repressed, hung up excuses for real women these pencil width brained biddies are. This transwoman is easily without question more of a true and real woman than these freaks who happened to be born with vaginas. These biddie bumpkins may as well be men, and men who belong to the KKK really. I can't believe so-called women like these club hags even still exist! What a joke they are!


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