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Irregardless of this man's immigration status, the point of the story is that through poor police work, indifference to the human condition and low standards of investigation and backwoods prosecutorial discretion an innocent man sat in jail for 15 months. I suggest that all of you that have never been to the Bladen County jail make a visit over there and ask the Sheriff for a tour. The smell of Urine and rot in that place will make you want to vomit. The building is crumbling and most people would not consider leaving there animals in that place overnight. This man was arrested because the first white man that police saw (and talked to) pointed his finger at the non-english speaking mexican and they immediately arrested him because they saw a red stain on his pants.. BBQ sauce, not blood.

So let Bladen County pay and pay dearly. Let heads in the Detective Division Roll, let the DA who refused to dismiss charges when it was obvious that the man was innocent get disciplined for prosecutorial misconduct. And them Bladen COunty write him a check for false imprisonment, pain and suffering, lost wages and any other reasons that his attorney can come up with. Maybe, just maybe then Bladen County Sheriff's Office Investigators will do the right thing and expedite the investigation of cases with competent and fully trained professional law enforcement officers instead of these lazy, racist, bigots that don't care if they have the right man as long as they have the brown man.

Then and only then, if his immigration status is not legal, deport him back to Mexico or wherever he came from. Let him re-enter legally should he choose to do so.


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