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"Cruz, who is in this country illegally," Set him free on the mix up...then RE ARREST him and jail him for breaking our border laws and kick his rear end back across the border he came over! It ABSOLUTELY BAFFLES ME how we are allowing our OWN GOVERNMENT to TOTALLY IGNORE the law and allow these CRIMINALS to stay here....I DON'T CARE IF YOU HAVE TO ASSESS EVERY AMERICAN 1000 DOLLARS TO HAVE THE MONEY TO SEND EVERY ONE OF THEM BACK...I for one would HAPPILY PAY IT! It cost me MORE than that over the long haul to take care of these criminals that are allowed to walk free....if our own government is going to allow these ILLEGAL CRIMINALS to walk freely..then by golly they should let EVERY FLIPPING NON-VIOLENT offender out of prison NOW...if you are going to turn a blind eye to one law...SCREW IT...just turn a blind eye to all of them!


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