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One by one...they will go!!!

Do you understand the term ILLEGAL? That means, "Against current LAW"! We have laws in the United States that allows immigrants to come here and become Americans. Do that legally and I don't have one single problem!!! So, why is it that you want to turn this into a racially motivated issue? Is it because that is the only way you can attempt to validate "illegal immigrants"? Do you use that "racial" accusation in an effort to remove the spotlight from the actual truth and confuse the issue? Remember, we have have people like the great Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton that have been playing that card like a cheap fiddle for years. It simply is not effective anymore.

Illegal is illegal and even though the sheriff may have screwed up, Cruz does not deserve and will not get compensation! This is nothing other that a crooked lawyer grandstanding and trying to fill his pockets. Cruz would do himself a favor to get back across the border and consider himself lucky.

You said it yourself, here is your quote, "If they are to be held to our laws and punished under our laws then..." So are just "some" laws supposed to be enforced? Is that what you are trying to communicate?

This has nothing to do with racism, it has to do with CHEATING and breaking US law and sucking off of the American taxpayers wallet. The US citizens are putting a stop to this...quickly!

You are blind in one eye and can't see out of the other. Oh and by the way, I happen to have an advanced degree in a highly technical discipline. It's how I was able to spot your poor sentence structure and 3rd grade spelling mistakes.


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