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Sand Tiger Doubtful

The wounds on her arm that are stitched up (pics in WSN) sure don't look like Sand Tiger wounds. Sand Tiger sharks have skinny ice pick like teeth that stick out pretty massively, which is why in South Africa they are known as ragged tooth sharks. They are the same sharks usually seen in aquariums, because they look so menacing. A Sand Tiger shark bite would look like hundreds of tiny puncture wounds, not lacerated flesh.

The fact of the matter is that Sand Tigers during the daytime are relatively docile. This attack occurred in the middle of the day. Sand Tiger sharks primarily feed at night, and their food source of choice is small fish, which is perfect for them given their dentician.

The injuries to the girl's arm look to be caused by a requiem shark...bull, silky,or sandbar. They are slices, not punctures. I dive with Sand Tiger sharks all the time here offshore, and yes they are prevalent here, however, I highly doubt that these injuries were the fault of a Sand Tiger.


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