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Water Quality

This is nothing new, we've been wasting money on this for years and will continue to do so until Fertilizer is banned and we stop killing all of the trees that filter this mess out. People sling Fertilizer out like its bird feed. This is not specific to greenfield, I can remember living along burnt mill creek in the 70s. It was pristine, many aquatic plants that are not there now. The water was running a little faster which kept it oxygenated. Have you seen the water in Burnt mill now? It makes me want to puke up something acidic to help neutralize the poor basin. Absolutely disgusting! I always think what it must have looked like 100 years ago, or even 50. Just 60 years ago Greenfield was clear with a sandy bottom, it was THE swimming spot of the city. I used to SCUBA dive in Greenfield in the 90's, the bottom is covered with algae blankets, I mean covered. As the blankets produce gases, they rise to the surface.
It's really a bummer that our children and great-grand children will never see clear water running through the city. Greenfield is so shallow, I think one of the only was to get it cleaned up is to deepen it. We're pissin in the wind with everything else UNTIL we get control of the runoff going into all of streams and creeks.
Such a shame!!!
We are on our way to have a berren landscape just like the rest of the world where man has been for 1000 + years.



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