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If Terri is so great.....?

Terri Oxford is a disgrace and a nut! Are we seriously going admire a woman that not only backstabs her superiors but does Alan Holden's dirty work in the process? If you think that two of the most notoriusly dirty people that Holden Beach has ever thought of is not in this together, as they have been when Ms. Oxford was employeed, along with the other commisioners that have admitted as much then something is missing.

If Terri is so great, grand and wonderful then she would not have been let go and surely would have been praised instead of being let go with the approval of the former town manager. Before everyone tries to skew this case why not focus on the issue which is Terri Oxford's lack of character that therefore led to her ultimate demise. How about she takes responsibility for her lack of character and admits she did nothing but screw herself and quit wasting our money and time? It is certainly easy for her to remember something from back in 2004 when it comes to her superiors but how about her lack of dedication to her job, fellow employees or to the Town of Holden Beach? Could this be the reason this nutcase was let go and the right decesion was made.

Maybe Terri needs to quit blaming everyone else for her own demise and hardluck and own up to the fact that she has done this to herself and has only Terri Oxford to blame. Like my parents use to say: If you lie down with dogs you wake up with fleas. In this case however; they seem to be huge nasty ticks. Alan, if you or the other commisioners and the LT from the sheriff's office are paying attention.....well you catch the drift!


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