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why bother

why bother w/ the checkpoints? It's not like our legal system will do anything about it if they're caught... it gets them off the road for that night, but what about the next day once they make bail..or the next, they'll be right back at it again... our legal system needs to now step up and do something about punishing these individuals! In my opinon and it's only that MY opinion... if you get caught driving under the influence then you should be charged w/ attempted murder b/c thats what you're doing... and if someone actually causes an innocent persons death because they were driving under the influence of a substance then they should be charged with 1st degree murder, b/c in my opinion it was pre-meditated, they knew when they were drinking or using drugs, that they had to get home and had full intentions of getting behind the wheel not caring who it affected... if the state of NC would get tougher laws, then maybe what these troopers are doing would make a difference... until that happens, I think its a waste of time...


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