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It's called being a tourist. You visit. Then, you leave.

If you didn't eat well enough for the price in Southport last Tuesday, you didn't ask around or were too rude to get a good recommendation from someone who knew. Locals here and much farther inland are oh-so-fed-up with the undeserved rudeness some "tourists" have that occasionally mutates into a job transfer, real estate investment and, unfortunately, permanent stay involving lots of whining and moaning to the locals for years about the inferior surroundings. What a sacrifice you must endure. Waaaaaaah. Most of us who have lived here more than 10 years (try 60) know that you visit and enjoy Southport, treat it gently, especially downtown, but it isn't a metropolis or a sprawling historical district to sink your hooks into and renovate. Most locals patiently endure the people who come and go, who "invest" (never "BUY") so they can bully the locals out of town before they actually settle down and own the place. I've been hearing the "quaint little town" spiel all my life. I've navigated herds of dazed tourists in the grocery stores every summer (now it's year-round) who leave their manners and class at home and can't return a smile or you're welcome as they ram people's carts, steal spaces and mow you down without a care. However did we all survive when Southport didn't have a McDonald's, Wal Mart. Southport's inaccessibility, quirkiness and inconvenience have protected it quite well from people who are too ignorant to understand the reasons and advantages to such things. Go back, recheck your map and make it 45 years please.


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