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Sorry to tussle you feathers grandma......

....but I've lived in this area a long time. I simply pointed what you have and what you don't have in Southport and never will. I brought relatives from further south over for the day by ferry. We had no problems with the shopkeepers, the disappointment came from the overall ambience not living up to what is portrayed. You folk are a legend in your own minds, so keep that belief, it's all you really have.

The simple matter is, Southport will stay as you like it, a non-descript little town with vinyl clad "historic houses" with termites munching away underneath and a few struggling gift shops. Your self-absorbed need to live the remainder of your life in a slow, going nowhere village has run off all of your younger beneficiaries that had a chance to continue progress. You barely even have any real fishermen left and your shops are closing regularly.

Sorry, I only pointed out a few facts. In particular, that you shot yourselves in the foot by shooing away prosperity for those that may be able to hold and continue legacy there. Technology is fast approaching and perhaps soon they will find away to preserve your little spot with a polycarbonate dome.

You've got what you've got. Nothing more, nothing less, but the "less" is on it's way. You've simply done it to yourselves.

Now...who are YOU to call someone, "ignorant"?


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