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mindless post. Why is it so many who post hide behind a Guesty name? And why do so many of their posts reveal the presence of a single digit IQ?

I note very real numbers which will impact every citizen in the State. I note the hundreds of millions of dollars which start going north to DC in repayment of all the money Easley & Her Majesty authorized the state to borrow from the Feds. I note the $3 BILLION deficit which the legislature will have to deal with next year.

And in response, some chowderhead makes a mindless post about busing from Landfall as though that will solve the problem throughout the state.

To be honest, anyone posting on the site should have an IQ of at least 10; that would make it a double digit IQ.

This is probably the type of "citizen" who will not even vote in November; no doubt the cash machines have run out of money for the free rides.


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